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Thread: Good clan is getting stagnant

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    Good clan is getting stagnant

    Aside from recruiting new members, how do you keep clans from getting stagnant? Core players are going silent who used to be chatty. Any ideas? I'm losing players I don't want to lose!

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    I went through it when I was handed leadership of my clan a while back.

    I grinded us from L7-L10 ! then switched to a farming clan where war is not competitive. Lost MANY good clashers, but I had to run the clan in a way I don't get burnt out on War every two days. so from this experience I'd have to say you just have to hunker down and recruit for the player-base you want in your clan.

    I want active farmers who will donate and compete in the Clan Games, that don't mind farming wars for XP and treasury padding every cpl days. its been working great.

    I recruit here and if necessary on global. its both hit or miss. but its what I do. so its what I recommend to you as well.
    Good Luck

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    it happens- ebbs and flows.

    i guess as leader you can try to keep the conversation going even if it ends up being a very one sided convo.

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    Over time, clans will always get stale with the same members, leadership, clan war style and frequency. To shake things up, you have to remain firm to your core beliefs when you started a clan. Was it to win every war? Was it to give people a place to chill and play CoC when they were bored and maybe win a few wars? These are very different styles of play. Stick to your guns and modify your clan as needed. Or on the other hand, modify your clan roster as needed. Recruit new blood, kick out old blood, etc.

    Good luck!

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    Some ideas
    - Have a tournament of Friendly challenges for each th level
    - If you are big into war look at a league maybe
    - Find a clan and do themed friendly war with them (i.e. Only air, only elixir, only dark)
    - have a contest for biggest loot find of the season.

    Just some ideas I thought of OP. Wish you and your clan the best!

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    The game is still growing. I find when you are together a long time we seem to figure things out by ourselves and where we would once have talked it out we seem to stop. I remind myself, I would have chatted about this at th9 why don't I do the same at th12 and so I do. Sounds simple and maybe common sense but it works. People like to talk about this stuff but we are so used to be Maxed we forgot along the way how much can come from some strategy chat
    Especially relevant with the new town hall. Even discussing clan games strategy or what time of day you have noticed good raiding recently brings a big influx in chat.

    I'm also really relaxed and know sometimes guys are logging on in work and just want to raid and get a speedy request in. I don't think there should be any pressure on people to always chat. This can push more to leave the game altogether.
    We all know the guys who are gone into the bathroom for a raid and let's face it they don't want to talk at that time lol !

    Best of luck getting things moving. It's not just you, we all have dry spells
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