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Thread: Lv 95 | TH9/10 | FWA Preferred

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    Lv 95 | TH9/10 | FWA Preferred

    I have an account that needs FWA. It's a rushed TH9 (soon to be 10), this account is not used for serious war...just needing loot. Many defenses are rushed still, but am dropping all heavy defenses asap for higher ww=higher loot.

    I'm hoping to join in the next week! Please let me know if you're needing somebody like me!

    Other deets (prob not needed): 17/17, lv1 xbows, other defenses are under level 10 atm; best troops are loons 6, golems 4, hogs 4, wizard 6, healers 4, good farm troops.

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    Hey you’re more than welcome to join our clan if you’re active in clan games .. gamer tag and clan tag are on the left under my username. Hope to see you soon.

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    Renewal for recruit

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    Age? Player tag? We are looking for an active adult to fill a spot for 50x50 fwa wars. Links to outdated recruiting thread in my signature. Haven't bumped it in months because we stay full. Any th welcome from 8 on up

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