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    Exclamation RESOLVED: Hay Day Short Maintenance (28.6.2018)

    Update: We're back online!


    We'll do a short maintenance in order to prepare for the optional update!


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    Ok thanks please hurry though Iím trying to get a derby task done lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heroforever201588 View Post
    Ok thanks please hurry though I’m trying to get a derby task done lol
    Me too! I started a wheat blossom task, 3 minutes into it "Hi we're going to do maintenance" I think Derby tasks should be paused?

    Thanks, Nick!
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    - Is Hay Day having server problems? Because I haven’t been able to log onto the game today.

    - The game states, “Cannot connect to server” each time I try to open it.

    - The rest of my Supercell games (Clash & Boom Beach) work fine, so it must be a problem with HD.

    - It’s really frustrating cuz it’s been all day & HD is my favorite game.

    Thanks for your help,

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