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Thread: How did Blossom derby affect your team ?

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    How did Blossom derby affect your team ?

    So clearly if ever there was a derby for teamwork, Blossom derby is it!
    With the clear potential for friction within the team caused by everyone trying to do a small number of blossom tasks, how did your team shape up?

    We had 28 opted in and the teamwork was pretty much selfless and spot on, and with less than 2 days gone we have only a couple of tasks left to complete 280 tasks. Obviously it was a little chaotic initially because we had been given so little explanation about how this new derby actually worked (thanks Supercell ) lessons learned for the next one!
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    We are doing pretty good so far. Had some nice easy tasks everyone can do (wheat, sugar cane, mining, grocery store). Usually we are a rather silent team, but as soon as there is a derby where we need to communicate our actions, everyone is on point. I love my team

    As we don‘t use third party communication like KIK or FB, it‘s a bit difficult to find out whether everyone has taken a certain blossom task or we can trash it already, but thanks to the message board, even that is working quite ok. With 12 players opted in from different time zones, it‘s harder to keep an overview, but so far I can‘t complain.

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    48 hours in, we have completed 236 of 240 tasks. I'm not going to complain about having the lowest score in the hood either.

    We quickly learned taking 2 vegan combos is not a good idea! We took mainly quick crops, help, and mine, with a few questionable choices of specific town buildings, and the 2 vegan combos. We will definitely have a better plan next time, but no real complaints.

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    My hood is 4 members, very competitive. We were done in 12 hours or even less. Won the gold of course. I think my hoodies loved it but i found it tiresome for two reasons: i was under pressure to finish 8 tasks in 4 hours so others can go on (which is something i cannot afford, being a working parent) and ended up doing many same tasks I don't enjoy at all. Not thrilled at all, to say the least.

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    Our 4 member hood did great and we enjoyed it. We finished by Wednesday afternoon (california time) (so about 1.75 days). We were only in Expert League though. We trashed the slower tasks until we got nice quick blossom tasks, mostly quick crops. Definitely needed a lot of communication though, and when there we started to get confused about who had done what pretty quickly. With a bigger hood I think I'd make a google spreadsheet where people can mark off if they did it or not. Our only sadness was we got tired of crops. We never did get a blossom mining task, and only got a town task at the very end.

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    Our team loved it. Really enjoyed it. Great to see the teamwork. Hope for another one soon.

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    We had 4 opted in and worked together well. It was confusing at the start and next time we will know how it all works but it was fine. I think SC did this so that Hoods would cooperate and also to draw the derby out.

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    Glad to hear all of you had such great experience with Blossom derby. I love the concept, but unfortunately we had a huuuuge fight in our hood, because of 2 members that did not understand Blossom derby at all and wanted to take 320 regular task since its the same amount of points as Blossom ... It is all about team work, working together and being online more than usual. At the end, one person left the derby and the rest manage to keep up the good work and we placed 2nd. Was interesting, but stupid fight actually. Wanna forget that week asap

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    We did well, until at the end, there was 3 hours left on the task and someone picked it. It was a town task and there was no way the player was going to finish it in 3 hours. It's just something that we will have to keep an eye out for in the future as it's a wasted task if you take it just before it expires. Join the Discord to collaborate with helpful farmers and neighbourhood
    Everyone is welcome and we will be more than happy to have you!

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    We had only 6 opted in so things went rather smoothly - other than we did not realize once we were done with the blossom tasks we could trash them and get new ones.

    It was nice, everyone worked together, stacked their production machines, and was able to get them done fairly quick.
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