frankly speaking, laloon, hogs, and queenwalks all take planning, skill, practice, timing, etc.

this is the kind of strat that requires only the most minimal planning. in my last several wars and many FCs, i've failed only on hitting th10s (or by dropping spells in the grass) #HealTheGrass

honestly, as much as i love wrecking a base in war, i feel a little cheap with this. reminds me of some kid in the arcade choosing chun-li and spamming kicks all day

details not covered in the video (below):

- choosing entry point based on internal walls (don't want your forces to escape the base)
- compensating for weaker th9s - tbh i haven't thought that much on the subject - so... tbd
- why not more witches like a traditional witchslap? - that kung fu is weak, need more tanky smashy you do
- why the troops chosen? - the buffs to these particular troops in the last couple updates make all the difference. meanwhile, hogs and loons....well - see above

see something else? see a way to improve? wanna tell me i have great hair? --> let me know

video of strat breakdown, examples, and defense here: