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Thread: About trash blossom tasks

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    About trash blossom tasks

    Hi everyone
    I want know about trash blossom tasks when some player done blossom tasks then after other player canít do this for then we can trash it blossom tasks or not and when we trash we will get new blossom tasks or no

    Pls answer for help

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    After all completed you need to trash the task, to get a new one and also think wisely about what you want to keep might need to trash few rounds.

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    You can trash it, if...
    a) everyone has done that task
    b) no one else wants to do this task
    c) no one is going to finish that task before time runs out
    d) no one is left who can do this task (level too low)

    A new (different) blossom task will appear.

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