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Thread: Connect Hayday with new/other Facebook account

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    Connect Hayday with new/other Facebook account


    I want to connect my Hayday-game with a new (specially created) account on Facebook. Now i'm connect with my usual (personal) account but want to switch to a new (exclusively for Hayday) account. It seems this isn't possible ?

    Can somebody help ?
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    I have done it on iOS, it is possible. I change FB account for my farm to another FB account then switch back. Friend group changed, nothing else.
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    I feel really annoyed with Hayday for trying to force me to link my game to FB. Why should I provide access to my friends list, I value my privacy and that of my friends and don't want them to be used as advertising fodder. There's far too much of that as it is. Anyone else feel the same? So good luck with creating a Hayday-specific FB account, it's a good idea and perhaps that's what I'll have to do too.

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    hay bay

    Why is hay bay to log in with facebook only for ios, why dont you make hay bay for android to?.???
    I have friends that want to play, i can log in with google+ but how can i invite friends by google+ to play hay bay with me,
    I want to play with more friends, and it is not fear for android players that they can not play it with their facebook friends, smurfvillage is for ios and android, an other game like this one only smaller is for ios and android you can do this to..please let android play with facebook to

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