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Thread: WINCEPTION-A new war clan|Looking for active and mature players of all levels!

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    Smile WINCEPTION-A new war clan|Looking for active and mature players of all levels!

    You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling


    Welcome to Winception! A new war clan aiming to set up an engaging and exciting environment for active players of all town hall levels!
    We welcome players of all levels, and you're free to bring your alts with you!
    Our only requirements are that you aren't very rushed, you speak English and act mature.
    We don't really believe in donation ratios, but if you can fill a request, do so immediately!
    Oh and also we encourage you to socialize. Always say a "hey!" when you come online and a "bye!" when you go .

    We also encourage you to participate regularly in wars, and also plan out your attacks in chat. It helps, A LOT.
    So, are you in? If you want to join, join our Discord - OR directly send a a join request to Winception (you dont really need the tag, we're the only clan with that name) saying you saw us on the forums.
    Hoping to clashing with you
    Ares [Leader, Winception|TH9|#Y9CC9RUR]
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    As a co founder i would highly recommend this clan!

    We have been doing excellent recently. We've got 5-6 members on constantly! Would definitely recommend us if you need a friendly clan which wars always.


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    not so daily bump!

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    Hi , i made a request from the account Gandalf, was denied. Wondering what the reason was.
    It was a rushed th 6. i wanted to join a clan to complete clan games so i could get the rewards to build that account. It was a guaranteed 4k. :/
    May be give the newbies a chance next time?

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    level 2 and 20 players, lets keep going!
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