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Thread: Waking up pets after latest update - annoying

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    Question Waking up pets after latest update - annoying

    Hi fellow hay day farmers!

    Has anyone else become irritated with how the update now follows the pets that you just woke? This was with the update that allowed you to name your pets. The following the pet attribute and constant edit pop up to change the pet name has caused my eyes to hurt.

    am I the only one experiencing this?

    is there a way to revert back to the previous version - quick tap to wake them and then move on?

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    You're not alone. It is really annoying. I've stopped counting and only use the whistle to wake them up now. Sanctuary animals included.

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    Thanks for providing me with a sanity check. Now if we could just get it to stop ��

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    Naming pets doesn’t seem so cute now does it LOL
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