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    Agreed Laurence, very different and challenging derby which we enjoyed very much.

    Having said that it would have been nice if the limitations on the number of blossom tasks had been explained before the derby started. Perhaps Supercell thought it would be fun to leave people struggling to understand the mechanics of this derby? While it didn’t particularly trouble us, it did cause some stress and friction in friends hoods - I wonder how much Supercell appreciates just how difficult it can be to run a hood? You guys didn’t even answer people’s questions on the forum either. I feel that your lack of information or answers let down a lot of hoods and players this week.
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    The blossom Derby is good I like these type of derbies

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    Was interesting. Should have had a lot more explanation up front. We need another bingo derby badly. Been like 10 weeks since had one.

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    I really, REALLY enjoyed the Blossom derby.

    At least my mini farm did - it's in a hood with 17 people opted in, people who actually communicated a bit.

    Meanwhile on my big farm with its team of 4 - I set up a mining task (!) and nobody ended up taking it for 350
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    Our hood liked Blossom Derby. We have 4, so we always had two blossom tasks on the board. We kept a couple of fast 320s on the board, but mostly trashed them. If we didn't like the next blossom task that came up after the first one was finished, we trashed it, and the next task to come up would automatically be a blossom task. At one point it started giving us slow ones but we kept trashing and eventually got fast ones. We did mostly fast crops (wheat carrots sugarcane soy). Knowing what we were doing next was helpful becuase we could have the crops fully ready for the first harvest as soon as it was our turn to do the task. For a hood that communicates and is organized, this was a really fun derby.

    And for somebody above talking about train tasks being slow, don't you stack your town for derbies????? Train tasks only take as long as it takes to click on 23 peeps holding presents!

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