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    Do we HAVE to rename our personal animals in order to get the screen to stop focusing on the animal to edit the animalís name? Itís getting really annoying having the screen focus on the animal after I click on the animal every time I collect the item drops from my animals.

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    thanks so much...
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    Hay Day must be more concerned about selling diamonds than how much fun their users have playing the game. For several weeks the derbies have been so difficult to compete in that several in our neighborhood have taken a break from playing. We are a very competitive team that has a great cooperative spirit. We only play 320 tasks in the regular derby and 400 tasks in the special derby. We help each other complete the tasks which can be challenging as we live in several different time zones but we embrace the challenge. We also have in common our love of this game....or at least we used to. The last two special derbies were particularly frustrating. We only had 59 tasks at 400 in the whole derby. The number number 1 team had 90. How can you compete when it's not a level playing field? On the last day of the derby several 400 tasks came up that required 30 hrs or more to complete when there were less than 20 hrs left in the game. Who's monitoring this? In 6 days we have 144 hours. If you figure 8 hours of sleep per night we can subtract 48 hours for a total possible playing time of 96 hrs. Lately most tasks take at least 14 hrs to complete....some more than 30. 10 tasks at 14 hours is 140 hours......can't be done in the week without having to use diamonds to fast track. The quick tasks like tasks....mining ....only reward low points so teams in champion league won't be bothered with them for fear of being bumped. What are they thinking??? Also they keep introducing new products etc but don't let expand the barn and silo more....only 50 increase at a time and then a good part of that has to reserved for the higher amount of tools required to get the next expansion so still little room to stock new products. I suggested they give us a toll shed for all the tools but no response . It just doesn't feel like the same game or people that made this game so great when I started 3 years ago.

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