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Thread: Newbie Factory #2Y9G2ULC | Lvl 13 War Clan | Recruiting TH7 - TH8

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    Newbie Factory #2Y9G2ULC | Lvl 15 War Clan | Recruiting TH6 - TH8

    Newbie Factory
    Level 15 Clan
    Location: USA/International

    About the Newbie Factory:
    We are a farming clan. We play this game for fun and the challenge that it brings. We are not super serious. We strive to maintain an easy going environment. We have loyal,friendly and helpful members who are willing to help you. We war twice a week and take wars seriously. We believe that members should "pull their own weight" (further details below).

    Our Clan Perks are the following:

    • 10 Minute Donation Wait time
    • 8 Troops per Donation
    • Refunded 50% of the cost of donations
    • Troops are upgraded 2 levels
    • 50% extra Treasury Storage
    • War Bonus of 25%

    Our Rules:
    • Must be able to Speak/Write in English
    • Respect all Clan Members
    • No Rushers/Hoppers/Freeloaders or Drama
    • You MUST Donate. We are not a request all you want clan. We expect you to "pull your own weight"
    • Must do both attacks in War
    • Must participate in Clan Games
    • Heroes/Spell Factory Down === No War
    • Must be Active
    • Promotions are EARNED

    • Non-Rushed TH6-TH8
    • Will Consider some TH5
    • Need to follow above rules
    • Members from the USA

    • Twice a week
    • We use a strategy that is sent out by clan mail prior to war starting
    • As long as they opt in ALL members take part in the CWL

    To Join:
    • Search for our Clan: Newbie Factory (Tag #2Y9G2ULC) and request to join

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