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    Thanks for the information.

    How long before the new updates? Hope the updates are soon.

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    Wow.... I have too pick a dozen names as I already bought all the available animals 😂😂😂.
    So cool, thank you Hay Day
    Happy Birthday in advance 🤗🤗🤗

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    Naming the pets is a cool upgrade, thanks. Still hoping to buy and sell fishing area stuff though.....

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    Excellent, such fun, hoping we have more land to open soon in town and sanctuary, food for thought for you.

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    Very cool. Can name our pet name. I waiting very long can give our pet name. Thanks Supercell staff member.

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    Isso é fantástico,obg supercell

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    At first I thought HD was just assigning them names and I thought that was kind of lame. But WE get to name them and that ought to be fun! What a neat idea! Now to come up with names for all 6 of my donkeys. ( sinister laugh ) and 55 names total.

    Thanks SC 🎉🎉


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    So with it saying there's so much more to come,stay tuned
    I'm guessing that the update is not tomorrow then. Maybe more sneak peeks today?
    Can't see it myself looking like update isn't tomorrow going off the more to come quote.
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    cute Feature but it doesn´t took me out of my socks
    Keep calm and play Hay Day

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    wow. most worthless sneak peek ever. literally nothing to gain or lose from it except wasting ones time reading about it. you should've added more to this dreadfully boring sneak peek.

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