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    ^^ LOL...I have to admit that I kept reading to see if farmers are excited about this. People have periodically requested the ability to name animals in the past, and some of us (myself included) mentioned naming an animal. I named my first hippo, but Iíve forgotten what it was.

    Iím hoping the name only appears when we tap on the animal. Iím also a bit worried about how long the name tag will stay visible. I foresee this being a real nuisance while trying to wake up animals. Iím thinking of the ever-popular notice that flies up when I catch a fish. Of course, it wonít be a problem in my sanctuary since the animals just sleep 24/7.

    What I really would like the ability to name is my town. A nice sign on the train station. Actually, any new feature for the town or fishing area would be appreciated...
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    Some sad people playing these days

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    Oh I love it!!!

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    Oh no :/

    Because instead of giving the names to existing animals, (at least 70% of users will give up) do not add new animals? Ducks or squirrels? geese with a pond ...

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    This will be so cool, considering so many on the forums did start to name their sanctuary animals. It will be fun to finish naming them (I gave up) and can’t wait to see what my friends come up with

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnmpva55 View Post
    Ok, kinda cool, but I'd rather have a tool shed. Something to help alleviate the barn storage.
    Yes, all this new stuff, and no where to put it.
    The expansion items are too few, and some are not at all. And instead of fixing this severe issue, by giving us a tool shed or something, we get to name our pets... I hope the name tags aren't in the way of other functions, or as buggy as the spin a wheel truck that never has the weekly event item actually on it as announced.
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    Thank you
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    Good new update, but the sneak peek 2 and 3 are not really necessary... no need to give my pets names...
    New machines, more land, new things in the boring fishing area??? No, why too...

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    So long as it doesn’t interfere with the game this new feature can be happily ignored. I won’t be naming any animals or checking to see what anyone else has named theirs, but astonishingly it seems to be a really popular new feature! Liking the new crops and products and the changes to Maggie but I find adults naming pixelated animals a little odd.

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    Now THIS part of the update I really like! Naming pets. Although I forget what I named the farm animals. But I do remember what I named the sanctuary animals, since I only have 2, after all. Its so hard to get those sanctuary animals. :-( But I guess that's natural.

    [Its hard to get those scrolls, even more.]

    As far as the Maggie, I don't even use that Maggie part.

    I hope i can get the update; my memory is getting low. And some apps won't delete because its part of what came with the tablet. I didn't put hay day on my "new" phone. Its just on my tablet. I had problems with the updates on my oldtablet phone, so didn't put on my new phone. But that is, of course, my decision.
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    I like this update...very nice

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