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    Please can anyone tell me how can i use the extension permit ???
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    The expansion permits (the scroll with the red ribbon) are neede to open up some of the land on the farm (across the road from the main area). These are the plots of land that have decorations within each plot. IIRC, you need a total of 59 expansion permits (not all at once). These also do not take up barn space, as they are just ‘stored’ for you until needed.

    The permits can be found in red toolboxes, as derby prizes and sometimes on the Wheel. Good luck.
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    You don't need to do anything. You do not see them and they are used automatically when you expand across the road.

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    You can actually find out how many permits you have by clicking on one the plots of land that comes in the contact with the road and at the same time has a decoration.
    A pop-up will appear, just as a normal would when you select an adjacent plot of land, only this will also include how many permits you have and how many are needed to expand that plot.


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