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Thread: Facebook group - Hay Day Supporters

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    Facebook group - Hay Day Supporters

    Hiya all nice Hay Day Farmer,

    Some pretty cool people and me have a Facebook group called Hay Day Supporters we are up to 3548 members. It's not a trading group, it's farmers like yourself helping other farmer out. We have daily sale for our member and unique fun filled hay day theme game. At any level it's a cool group to be part of. If you decide to join please read the pin post has it contains group rules.

    Sales look like this: sale.jpg
    games: well there are different types but all easy for all with clear rules
    Tool equalizer post: you can trade bems for bems - silo for silo - .... equal value
    Add me post: if you are looking for friends to expand your shop or just friends in general
    Hood advertisement post: you can look up other hood or advertise your own

    if your on Facebook look us up at :
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