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    It's was to good to buy with coins diamonds are very precious no one wants to use her diamond

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    So this basically means that I should buy all coins options for Maggie, to avoid the reinstall fee of vouchers in the future. Good to know!

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    Maggie's Conversion for Diamonds and Vouchers

    So I bought the purple with flames cabin for 35 diamonds and the simple gold wheels for 1 yellow and 15 green vouchers. Both are in the style features. The conversion I saw in the collection book is the purple with flames cabin is 87500 coins 75% off. So conversion for diamond to coin is 1 diamond = 10000 coins. The simple gold wheels' 75% off is 1 yellow voucher and 3 green vouchers
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    This makes me happy! I purchased a road shop base for diamonds and had no intentions of changing it, as I didn’t want to pay diamonds again for it down the road. I paid 25 diamonds for that particular design and now to rebuild it, will only cost me 37,500 coins! Now I feel ok about changing it so I can try and complete the style book for the rewards! Woo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnK2015 View Post
    EllunaHellen, may I ask to whom you're responding? I didn't state there are issues with Maggie at the lower levels. In fact, upon further consideration, I think it's brilliant of Team Hay Day to make Maggie available to lower levels because now they are tempted to spend their coins, vouchers, diamonds for customization instead of saving them to buy the machines and open up slots. Of course, they might enjoy customization so much that they change designs often and decide that buying new machines isn't a priority for them. It's a valid choice as long as they're actively playing game.

    Sadly, their marketing efforts aren't as brilliant as the implementation of Maggie. Please refer to my post #114 in this thread.

    The following is my speculation. Game developers want us to play as often as we can or on a regular basis. I was playing several times daily until I accumulated over 20 million coins and hundreds of vouchers. Then my interest waned and I logged it once a day and sometimes not at all. If not for my hoodmates who needed my help with boats, trucks, town, BEMs, LEMs, TEMs, I'd have retired from the game.

    There were no new mountains to climb. Then along came Maggie. I used her services and she reduced my huge pile of coins and vouchers by more than 10% of the original amount. Now I'm motivated to play more often to build up my reserve of coins and vouchers.

    As high level players, we play an important role in helping lower levels by easing the grind we all experience if we play long enough. When I was a lower level, I didn't find any high levels to help me. So when I became a higher level, I remember the struggle and decide to become a benefactor, a rising tide to lift all boats in my neighborhood. I'm the General Store and have everything in stock except bolts and wood panels. But I don't give discounts because I don't want to make the game too easy or be exploited by the P bot and her sisters.

    Team Hay Day reviews the internal data often and knows at which level we players stop playing or play less often. They know they must find a way to remove significant currencies from the game and motivate those players to play more often. Maggie is their solution to alleviate the inflation.

    Again, the above is my speculation.
    Lynn, thanks for your response. I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions so thoughtfully.

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