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Thread: I need some tips to earn coins and experience

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    I need some tips to earn coins and experience

    Im a lvl 23 Player who is struggling to keep up with Coins and Experience.... Im currently having around 3000 coins and i still not have bought 12k Cake oven and im like 600 xp more to lvl 24 and scared of even more expenses of the mine and smelter.....I really needed some tips to earn a heck ton of money...and i also need some xp tips and also some organization for faster productions especially animal products and food

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    Hello, and welcome to Hay Day and the forum!

    For now, STOP DOING boats and trucks. Only grow and make to sell in you RSS for a while. That's my XP tip - don't.

    Also, Go to the DD, and buy every cheap product you see. Except for wheat, as that doesn't generally sell well at max price. But eggs? Corn? Carrots? BUY IT ALL if it's sold for below max.

    Then resell at max. Really, trust me, it will sell. Rinse and repeat, like, a lot of times. Not the most exciting process, I know, but it gets you a LOT of coins and literally 0 XP.
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    Also, be sure to read the top 3 threads that are ‘stickied’ above.

    Many players before you have thought that it was best to get to a higher level FAST! This is a resource management game. If you do not have the coins for machines that opened at or before your current level, you will only fall behind and become disillusioned.

    So, as Elluna has said, stop doing things that earn you lots of XP. Growing crops will earn you minimal XP and will earn you the coin you need.

    Last thing, head here: and share your farm tag # so that you gather lots for in-game friends. Once they know you are selling things they need, they will gladly support you.

    Good Luck.
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