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    Can't believe no one suggested Hogs. Max hogs are awesome in war especially when most of the opponent's defenses are Th11 lvl

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    Im running Witches as my first. I run a quad-squad with my Miners (including CC req) and a pair with almost every ground raid I do.

    plus they are my fav dark troop, fit in almost any army. (I have overlooked the pricetag in lieu of fun!)

    Bowls will come next and Miners and Loons for the pink after my camps are done, and Stores are capped.

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    I went with Bowlers in the end - Thanks everyone!
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    Did any of you suggested Miners? Max Miners are OP.

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    I did Bowlers first. Used book for instant upgrade.
    Then Witches, used book for instant upgrade.

    Now I have Valks on upgrade. Another 5 days to go.

    Next, Miners to max. Brilliant troops to farm DE

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    how many days will it take to max lab at th12?

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    I did bowlers first. Lvl 4 bowlers are great.

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    I did barch, bowlers and started miners yesterday. The only reason why I did bowlers were having a book of fighting from CGs I needed to spend before collecting next book and I was tight in Elixir. I will stick to Elixir upgrades from now on because DE is going to heroes. While I can keep all of them down, no reason not to do it. The DE Lab would get in the way of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by ninjalvl999 View Post
    how many days will it take to max lab at th12?
    Roughly 37 weeks, but books will reduce the number of weeks a lot, maybe to 6 months-ish.
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    I did bowlers first because I always seem to manage to squeeze a few blue babies into every army I use.

    Builders were tied up when they finished so I did baby d's - again, they feature in every comp I use except the dirty 3 lines, 10 10 10, strat.

    Next will be hounds or loons because they are just, ssshhh, OP and a sui Lalo wipes every base I've faced, off the map.

    It's actually nice to be able to use a few power potions - I was tired of looking at them in my cc.
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