Well, ever since I had been in this game clan wars were the most thrilling thing of all. So since then I have been seeing various war CC's been used but till now didn't find one that works *effectively* ( I didn't mean 100% I meant effectively) .
So, I have started this threat to know what's the best cc combinations around TH 8-11.

According to me, at th8 two attacks are used : the draglighting attack, and the GOHOBO. So to prevent this, what should be the best cc defense?

At TH9 , mostly Laloon, GOHOBO,HGHB and ofcourse Gobowi are being used. What are the cc combinations for defending such attacks?

At TH10 , mostly GoHoBo, GoVaWi, GoVaHo are used. What are the best defensive cc for this?

Also, I want to ask separately what should be the aim today's defending valk ( stopping 2stars).

Thanks to whoever replies to this.
( Showoff )