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Thread: CGLeech - New website to manage Clan Games activity!

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    Cool [CGLeech] Tool to manage Clan Games activity

    Hey there!

    I'm opening this thread to present you a fan website designed to help following the activity of your clan members during Clan Games. I'm not really sure in which category this post should be posted so I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong one!

    Remark: CGLeech is still in its early development so we might change some settings or even reset the data after a while if needed. Thank you for your understanding!

    What is CGLeech?
    CGLeech is a fan-made website that collects the XP done by a clan and its members during Clan Games. Remember, we are in no way affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and develop it on our free time!

    Remark: As it takes time for to feed the data of a new clan, I suggest you check my clan stats to get a better idea of what the website does:

    Why using CGLeech?
    During Clan Games, members of a clan can achieve challenges to unlock rewards. Unfortunately, if a player just completes one challenge, he will get the same rewards as someone who does the max individual XP allowed. This leaded to a new problem in CoC clans: leechers (= players who get the rewards without really participating to the total clan XP). As there is no way to manage the CG activity of the players in-game, the only method for clan leaders is to write down the XP done by every single players right at the end of every single Clan Games. This boring task is even more tedious as the results aren't available anymore once Clan Games are finished (altough the last update should have fixed that last issue now).

    CGLeech helps you to do this automatically so you can know which member of your clan is leeching while seeing more stats about your clan activity in CG!

    How to use CGLeech?
    Go to and just enter your clantag (for ex. #9PJYL)
    We don't automatically collect the data of every single clan. We will start following the progress of a clan only after his tag has been added. Also, don't forget to come at least every 7 days to refresh your clan (with the extend button) otherwise our server will stop following your XP progress (this 7 days limit might change in the future).

    (Extend button)

    What happens if a clan isn't refreshed on time?
    CGLeech will stop following your clan and after some time all the data linked to that clan and its members will be deleted. And no, we don't have any way to recover these data.

    Why do I need to refresh my clan every 7 days?
    Because otherwise the database would quickly become too big for our server. Remember you can access for free to this website developed on our free time.

    Can I deleted my clan from your database?
    Not yet, but your clan will be deleted automatically if not refreshed on time.

    What happens if our clan is added during ongoing CG?
    Nothing. Our server will start collecting the data of your clan, but the data collected during the ongoing CG will be ignored from the global stats. Please come back during the following CG to see the magic happen!
    Also, if your clan is added during CG, "# CG participated" will only be counted from the following CG too.

    Are the data refreshed on real-time?
    No. Our server fetches the data every hours (this might change in the future). This mean that if a player joins your clan, achieves a challenge and leaves within two data refresh, his XP won't be collected and the player won't even appear in the member list.
    This also means that, if a player joins the clan, achieves a challenge before the next update done by the server and stays in the clan, that particular XP done isn't collected either.
    For ex. At 10h00 the server is refreshed, at 10h20 a player join the clan. At 10h50, the new player achieves a challenge worthing 100 XP. At 11h00 when the server updates the data, it will see the new member for the first time and thus it ignores the 100 XP done by that new player.
    That particular case will lead to imperfection of some of the stats which can only be fixed by having a very low refresh rate, if not, real server (as some challenge can be achieve within a minute).

    Can I search a player by his tag?
    Not yet, but we might add this function.

    What are these stats taking in account actually?
    We are still developing the stats so let us know if you find any bugs
    - Players lower than TH6 will be indicated on the page (by a "?" icon). As they can't accept CG challenges, they are excluded from any statistics.
    - Average and total stats on the main page of a clan only take in account players that are already in the clan and able to take challenges at the start of CG. This means that if a player finishes to upgrade to TH6 during on-going CG or if a TH6 (or higher) joins the clan during on-going CG, the XP done by this player will be excluded from average and total stats on the global page. It will be taken in account starting from the following CG!
    - Members of a clan present at the start but not at the end of CG (because they left or got kicked) and who achieved 0 XP are excluded from the average and total stats of the clan.
    - Ongoing CG are excluded from the average and total stats of a clan, for precise stats come back between two CG!
    - Once a player leaves a clan, he won't be shown anymore on the main page (unless he comes back). But the XP he did during previous CG will stay in the logs and still be taken in account in some averages and total stats.
    - It doesn't matter if you change your nickname.
    - It doesn't matter if after participating to some CG in the clan A you go and get active in a clan B that is also in our database.
    - If a player exceeds the max individual XP (for ex. by taking a quest worthing 500 XP when he has 2'900/3'000 XP), the page will show total XP he does in his personal stats (3'400 XP). But it will be limited to the maximum individual XP (3'0000 XP) in the global stats.

    Remember, this website is still under development. We are already working on adding more functions. Come back soon to see more exciting stats and let us know if you have any issue and feedbacks!

    Sakat (#QRLJ0GLJ)
    Clan Valais (#9PJYL)

    Know bugs (20.06.2018):
    - Currently there is a bug in the game which can lead to some XP not being counted (bug thread here). We saw difference ranging randomly from 50 up to 500 XP for some members. This is purely an in-game issue on which we can do nothing but wait for Supercell to fix it. Always keep your game updated!

    ====> Check our other projects <====

    - CWL Planning, a Google Sheet designed to help clan leaders to organize clan wars that are part of the Clan War League (CWL).- Sakat's CoC Script, a tool to download the data of your clan as well as your members attacks and defenses stats during a CWL season.
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    Update (22.02.2019):
    - Once a CG is over, its stats are now automatically added to the average and total stats of a clan.


    - Countdown added in the overview page of the clans to show how many days left to refresh that clan (click on the extend button to refresh). Currently the limit is set to 7 days.

    Update (22.12.2018):
    - Improved the way players who were in the clan but left is shown (bottom of the page)

    Update (20.10.2019):
    - Few bugs resolved
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    Another topic reserved for future content

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    Nice. You could introduce a feature where players could find Clans using their name
    and the text about 'This content is not affiliated and/or......'. You could try to make it black instead of white so that it stands out. Or, you could stroke the outside with a black colour if you want to keep it white. That will stand out
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    Bookmarking this, I appreciate the effort OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishmaam View Post
    Nice. You could introduce a feature where players could find Clans using their name
    Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure this will be added though, using clan tag just makes everything simplier as it is unique for every clan.

    #Edit: The next Clan Games will start in less than 3 days (2018-07-02), so be sure to enter your clan tag (with "#") before if you want the server to start following your clan members activity during these Clan Games!
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    This 'additional website' does nothing that the API doesn't do and that isn't already available in ClashofStats and ClashLeaders... What exactly is the purpose? Naming and shaming in the clan?

    What will you do after the achieve has been three starred by the first ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    This 'additional website' does nothing that the API doesn't do and that isn't already available in ClashofStats and ClashLeaders... What exactly is the purpose? Naming and shaming in the clan?

    Good for you if you have the skill to get and sort the data directly from the API, but I'm not sure that the average players know how to do it. For them using CGLeech is much more user-friendly than having to code their own website/python script.

    Concerning Clash of Stats and Clash Leaders, where can you see the activity of a player during one particular CG? The only data available related to CG is on Clash Leaders and is limited to the total XP done by a player from beginning of March; that's all. It doesn't give any information about his real activity. So sorry but this 'additional website' does actually something both the websites you quoted don't.

    Finally to answer your question about the purpose. It helps clan leaders to see which members are leeching in Clan Games, as already explained in the first post (if you read it you would know). Just check the forum and you will see how many people are complaining about people leeching in the game without proper tool to follow the activity. I understand that maybe in your clan you don't care about the players who just do 50 XP to get the rewards without really contributing, but in our clan we have some rules and like to be organised.
    Tired of Clan Games Leechers? Follow your clan member activity with CGLeech !
    ===>More info on the official thread <===

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    Due to the rapid growth of clans followed by CGLeech and the limitation of CoC API, we had to add a "refresh system". Currently the limit is 7 days. So don't forget to refresh your clan with the "extend" button at least once every 7 days:

    If not refreshed on time, CGLeech will at first stop updating the data of the clan and after some days its data will be deleted from CGLeech with no way to recover these data.
    Tired of Clan Games Leechers? Follow your clan member activity with CGLeech !
    ===>More info on the official thread <===

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    Update (22.12.2018):
    - Improved the way players who were in the clan but left is shown (bottom of the page)
    Tired of Clan Games Leechers? Follow your clan member activity with CGLeech !
    ===>More info on the official thread <===

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