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Thread: How many trees and bushes

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    How many trees and bushes

    I'm at level 61 and was wondering on average how many trees and bushes of each kind is good to have. Thank you.

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    No one tell you how many trees and bushes in your farm is good to have. It's your decision because you know that how many i use it daily for running machine and filling boat etc. 😊

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    I have 12-14 of each, but they do have their place, so I always know when some are missing and I need to plant more

    a good rule of thumb is that if you can’t cut down dead ones, then you have too many. Make sure you have enough axes and saws to manage the dead ones.
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    Thank you for your replies.

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    Enough so you always have fruit available to pick without waiting ... So you don't have to store it in your silooo

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    I like to put my trees all together, right next to each other, 10 of those whose crop is not often needed, 20-25 of those that are. Eg. olives and cherries.

    If one is having trouble handling the trees when they are too packed together, zooming in as close as possible helps a lot.

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    I have 8 of each tree, 8 coffee bushes, 24 raspberry, 24 blackberry and 36 nectar bushes.

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    I have them all over my farm, no space left. As for me, Trees and Bushes act as Silo, I harvest when I run out of any fruit. I only keep crops in my silo as I am a wheating girl.
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