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    Smile Whats First?

    Whats First? Defenses? troops?|||Well i think a lot of people will agree that building your new defenses first is always the best thing to do as it is cheap and does not take a while. Then you start on troops and defenses such as cannons and archer towers. Then progress on more expensive things such Tesla's or air defenses. The best troops to upgrade first are the ones you use the most. For example i use Pekka's and wizards a lot so those were some of the first things i upgraded. Last are walls, at least for me since they take weeks to farm i save them for last.

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    Offense > Production > Storages > Defense = Walls

    At Th8 I forget what you get but yes placing the new stuff is usually a good idea.

    At every TH that you are able to do so you always upgrade the Lab, Spell Factory, Clan Castle and any army camps as early as possible. For TH8 I don't think you can upgrade the regular spell factory but you should build the dark spell factory and upgrade it to earthquake spell "early" in TH8.

    As for troops it will depend is your focus is farm or war what you upgrade early. For TH8 I seem to recall that L4 hogs wrecked any other TH8 in with any kind of competent attacker.

    Also TH8 is kind of unique in defense in that after maxing out all your ADs which you have to do if you war or you'll be wrecked by dragons, you need to follow the ABT motto of always be telsaing. You have 3 of these bad boys and they go to L6 at TH8, if you don't start on them early and keep up with them you'll find you have low level telsa when you get to then end of 8 and everything else is done.

    TH8 is also the start of MAKE RAIDING DE A PRIORITY ALL THE TIME. This will be your motto through TH12 pretty much unless you want baby heroes and under powered dark troops at higher level game play.

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    In CoC, Offense >>>>>>>>>> Defense, whether you primarily war or farm. Always always focus on offense first as a new TH, meaning you should prioritize upgrading/building spell factories, laboratory, army camps, heroes, and the clan castle. You can also consider keeping 1 builder free at all times if you raid frequently so you can upgrade your walls as the village develops.

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    As Offence is the most important in Clash you should upgrade it first. I'd also say prioritize DE farming as you will need a lot of while you are progressing with the next Th's.

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