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Thread: Th12, war weight and the new matchmaker

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    Th12, war weight and the new matchmaker

    Some observations, let me know if you agree:
    - from max th11 to th12 adds 4k weight to 114kMust be the townhall.
    - adding tesla and traps .. adds another 1 k to th12... making it 115k
    - That seems to go up +1k for 12-2 star...anyone any data on 12-5 star or maxmaxmax th12 ?

    - Gold available still accurately reflects ‘defensive power’ of a base.
    - Gold available gets recalculated just before war starts. So you can see a th12, that was completed during prep day, stand below a th11, but the available loot will be higher for that lower ranked village.
    - Darian / SC confirmed non placed buildings do count towards the war weigth matchmaker uses.
    - combining the above 3 with the fact Supercell announced ‘engineers will be at a disadvantage’ .. makes me believe the war weight used in match maker is the : actual defense weight before prep day + weight of unplaced buildings ( both from previous th or those unplaced value pack defenses )
    - so this would mean a th10 without x-bows would get at least 2 x bows lvl 1 added to the defensive war weight used by the matchmaker.
    - supercell has also done a good job bringing war weight of specific defenses in line with the actual benefits of those defenses. Allthough some defenses are still overrated ( like the eagle lvl 1 is still 8-9k, which used to be 10k.. )
    - if Eagle gets less weight .. and total weight max th11 remains 110k .. it means some other defenses get more weight .. ;-)).

    - and the obvious : SC does not only use defensive war weight in matchmaker - they also use offense, win streak, lane checks, etc .. much more than we know .. ;-)).

    in summary : my compliments for SC ! We seem to be getting very fair matches the last 2-3 month and recent weeks it further improved !
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    well i'm up to 116k with th12 3 star th. i'm guessing 120 something will end up being the max th12 weight.

    i'm quite impressed with the first 2 matches we've seen though post-update as they've been nearly identical TH to TH matches.
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    Upgrading to 2 star the other day, my weight remains at 115k. And I can't see top weight only being 120k, I think 5 star will add a good chunk, maybe 124 once current items are finished, since walls will be incomplete. Leaves 5k for a second round of upgrades.
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