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Thread: TH7 War Strategy!

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    Exclamation TH7 War Strategy!

    Hello, I am a player at TH7 and my clan is currently at war, and I’m going to have to attack this base that’s also on TH7. I just came back to this game after 1 year and kind of forgot the strategies i used while attacking so i’m going to need a tactic/strategy to get a 3-star so if anyone can help me with it I would be very thankful. i’m going to attach a picture of the base that I’m going to attack and a picture of my available troops and their levels. If you could also give detail on how to attack, such as which side and how many troops i deploy and also the spells. (by the way I was thinking attacking with dragons but I just unlocked them in their level one so I don’t know)

    Please and Thank you!

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