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    Search on GOOGLE.����
    As the device went to repairing center.
    I am going to be a lot behind of all.

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    I asked my Hairdresser for a Donald Trump...she gave me a tremendous hair cut and had me deported.
    I'm in Legends...ask anyone how tough it's been since the update as it's fair to say that I have been tending a window box rather than farming given the clouds.
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    6 000 DE within two hours.

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    I have been farming that much it is no longer funny

    But I kind of have to because I am only a semi max th 8

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    Spend the first day around 5500 cups. Couldn't loot at all.
    Took me 24 hours to drop to low titan 1.
    So not enough looted yet....
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    With all the clouds in Legends the total amount of resources is probably not that great.
    Anyway, my DE storage is full, waiting for completion of the new level (tomorrow). Then insta upgrade of Queen to 52 (my third DE hero upgrade on TH12).
    Apart from that I kept all builder busy since TH12 release. In total we have close to 1100 builder days for upgrades with TH12. Together with all books, I think I have completed 5% by Monday afternoon (end of first week). Probably not 5% of the resources,yet.

    Stop: 3 hero levels is 604000 DE. Total DE for TH12 is in the 5M range, right? So here already beyond 10% done tomorrow.

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    To much at all unfortunately. Been busy at work and the clouds in T1 are horrible. 5-10 min wait times just donít excite me. I do love the update though I just wish it had some kind of cloud patch package

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    I don't know exactly how much, I just know I have upgraded 10 walls to level 10 (maxing all of those), and another 22 walls to level 11.

    I have upgraded one hero, both are going right now, and my storages are full.

    I have upgraded 2 troops.

    So I am pretty happy with the outcome.
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    Since th12 update I have put down all the 4 barracks
    and lab for long upgrades at the same time and now I'm on my vacations😬.

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    With leftover from th11 i managed to upgrade to th12 and my lab and bowler to lvl 4.

    New resources collected and deployed

    With Gold:
    Th12 - 6000000 to lvl 2
    Th12 - 8
    000000 to lvl 3 (upgrading)
    Elexir Storage - 5000000 (upgrading)
    Elexit Storage - 5000000 (upgrading)

    With Elexir
    Seige Workshop -
    7500000 (upgrading)
    Camp 1 - 9000000 (upgrading)

    In Stock now:
    Gold 58
    00000, Elexir 3500000 Dark 157000

    I am in legends. The loot includes one war win bonus, star Bonus.

    Total Attacks done approx 19-20 ever since TH12 came in

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