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    No way for me to know the numbers, but I am active on five bases TH12, two TH11 and two Th10's. No free builders on any of those accounts and as soon as one comes free, I farm until it is working again.

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    Haven't farmed heaps since the update dropped as I have been busy but during hammer Jam I farmed a ton of de was doing just over 100k de a day as I was taking advantage of the event and kept both of my heroes down for the whole 14 days.

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    I knew I'd be farming a ton so made note of my walls. Had 35 lvl 12s when boost event started. Have 90 now. And since I have max heroes for 11 an unthinkable amount of DE down the drain too

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    Since the update , I've managed both king and queen to level 51 (earned loot) I've managed to upgrade to Th12 , upgrading 2 barracks (trying to not slow down too much on troop production), seige workshop placed, I'm upgrading lab currently , dark elixir storage ongoing , and not doing any defenses until my level 12 walls are finished I've completed about 25 since the update dropped . All in all I've earned roughly 65 million elixir, 75 million gold , and I'm at 540k dark since the update dropped.

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    Let’s see

    All Elixir storages
    All Gold storages
    Dark Elixir storage
    Siege workshop level 2 (1 brought through offer)
    1 camp upgrading
    1 barracks upgrading
    all traps and tesla down
    Barb king to level 53
    Miners maxed
    Loons maxed
    Valks upgrading
    5 wall pieces maxed

    So guessing at around 450k DE farmed
    55 million ish elixir as used my rune to refill at one point
    70 million gold maybe

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    Well, I have consistently been upgradeding 6 walls to level 9 a day gold, and update was 5 days ago. 5.6 is 30, 30.5 is 150, so for me 150 gold in five days. Believable number in Crystal, where 600k is the norm for a raid

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    I don't really remember how much I had farmed since the update but I had upgraded 50 level 10 walls to level 11 in the last 2 days going up and down in Crystal. That means roughly 100M resources in the 2 days. So, quite a lot
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    All th 12 building built,upgrading miners yo 2 in lab ,lab to max,1 army camp,de storage to th 12 lvl,giga tesla to 3,32 walls to 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindSyphon View Post
    How much have you farmed??

    This thread is only for those who pushed until their eyes were bleeding and then kept going

    50 million each?
    100 million each??
    200 million each???

    Clan games with books of buildingx5 would be nice for the next clan games. nudge nudge.

    Go to and search for your clan .. if it's already there, you can see the data. If it's not, you can see it in a week.

    I've "acquired" 189380 Dark Elixir over the last week. Enough for BK51 and AQ51 (as I arrived at TH12 with a bit of circus cash)

    My Gold and Elixir numbers are beyond 2 billion, meaning: I have no idea. .. enough to get the Siege Workshop, Barracks, Laboratory, GigaTesla4, all the new buildings .. The Archer upgrade too ..

    I've boosted my collectors the entire time, since the upgrade dropped.

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    Upgraded th12 laboratory seige machine one barrack 4 elixer storages 11 walls(do have gold and elixer for 2 more walls) dark storage king 51 queen 51 warden 31.miner maxd,baloon maxd,bowler in lab

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