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    From here on out that is how im referring to it. In just the time the siege engine has been out it has proven its almost unstoppable nature that is not what I can balance. Who needs jumps when the SE will just smash any level wall in btween it and its objective and voila send the army in behind it. You just saved 2 spellls. It should be toned down immediately.

    2. The hero levels while not a factor now will be once they are leveled up. The stats they are boasting are incredibly high and will do serious damage with the hp they have.

    3 I cant comment on the other units such as the E Dragon but onve leveled I'm afraid it will be OP as well this brings in question are other units as well once they are leveled what will the power be like of these units. This is just a prediction but I think they will be very over powered.

    The facts are there plain to see SC rushed this update out. The sheer amount of bugs proves that some of the bugs they have yet to fix. As far as SC playtesting units we know that is non existant since they simply don't have the manpower to be able too so they use us in effect as playtesters.

    The next year willl be fillled with maintenance breaks and numerous adjusts of unit stats. This is exactly the same wayTH10 came to be and look at it still a broken mess after 3 years. I really hope this succeds for SC and the FANS sake but I have a feeling SC hand is being pushed by a corporate owner and hasn't much choice in the matter.

    Im sure most will berate me because thwy are koving the fact of easie 3 stars which will get even easier but eventually people will get tired of seeing their base wrecked no matter what deign they use then people will start following my course.

    This is just a forewarning.
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