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Thread: The scroll and siege machine

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    The scroll and siege machine idea

    1st request which Darien was asked about on Spring Trap show (first time he was on): the scroll. The troop scroll. I tried in the past to upload screens and they were too large. But when I try air it is impossible to pull off a decent 11 air war hit when the scroll makes it where I canít have haste and loons on the same page. I literally wonít take minions because of it ie I canít have too many troops to the right of the loons.

    This is a problem even on an ipad.

    My idea is let me custom set up my troops prior to an attack in war or for multiplayer like how I can order them for troop training. And let me intermix spells on there. This would allow more phased attacks. So now I could have my kill squad ground troops up front with spells in there. I do that and then move the scroll and there are my hounds, loons, haste, rage and any other spell. And then I can have my cleanup troops.

    2nd suggestion: right now if I do an FC or Raid or war hit, it I have a siege machine that has been donated then that is my default and would have to switch to the actual CC if I wanted it.

    If that SM is one I have made the default is the Cc and I have to toggle to the SM.

    The Sm is awesome. Can you make it where the default is that if I have a SM, any SM, that is the default. It is super annoying how many times I have screwed up a hit or FC because I drop a troop to funnel and them see I have the cc and not the cc inside my own built siege machine.

    Btw I like the update. Itís good stuff. Feel free to let th12s buy another builder.
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