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Thread: Need mostly active clan and who do 40 vs 40 war

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    Need mostly active clan and who do 40 vs 40 war

    Hi i need clan i am townhall 10 no inferno king 29 and queen 32. I need most active clan whose player mostly play whole day.and who do 40 vs 40 wars my war stars are 650.

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    Hi, please check out Cloud Pacifiers

    Please check out our clans using experienced game players which are based around the world and players are always on!

    �� Clan Games will always be completed.
    �� Farm anywhere or Push, it’s all supported
    �� Wars 24/7 in both clans.
    �� War engineered bases welcome (Cloud Pacifiers only)
    �� Be active and have fun
    �� Clan rules: Thank by name, donate requested

    ��Th9 to Th12 Cloud Pacifiers
    40k trophies, Level 6
    Heroes: TH9 level 20+ each, TH10 +30 each and TH11 +35 each, GW level 15

    ��Th11-12 Cloud Avengers
    45k trophies, Level 6
    Heroes L40+, GW L15+

    Be great to have you on board.

    Cloud Avenger, Magician Meek and Marvellous Meek

    Experienced clan leader. TH12. Line: MeekeeBoy
    Cloud Avengers, #VVQJ8V9R, TH11-12
    Cloud Pacifiers, #209UPJPLG, TH9-12
    Active, UK with international players. War 24/7. 3✳️💪🏼

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