Well the latest update maybe ressembles electrics. So, why not add the Ewiz?

Well he has to be a ranged troop. Maybe 4 tiles.

And like in Clash royale, he stuns enemy buildings/troops.

Well this would be great for stunning defenses while the giants attacks. And maybe it'll have a spawn damage AND stuns enemies! Unlocks at level 3

Oh yeah, I think he should have the ability to attack 2 targets at a time. Unlocks at level 3

Yeah and maybe attacking the Mega testla and the Hidden testla does double damage

Speaking of damage, it's damage per second should be 50, and the spawn damage is the same as a level 2 lightning.

The spawn damage upgrades everytime the Ewiz upgrades, so like it unlocks at level 3 Ewiz, so it has to be level 2 lightning. If the Ewiz upgrades to level 4, the spawn damage upgrades to level 3 and so on

The training cost should be 5000 elixir AND 20 dark elixir. Combinations!

The housing space is 10, and it will took 5 minutes to train.

I think the Ewiz should be placed after the healer.

Oh yeah, you can activate the double attack for half of the normal attack damage and a shorter range (3.5 tiles). If you set it to normal attack, the range will be normal and the damage back to normal!

Well if there's anything missing from this suggestion, you can reply!

Thanks for your attention!