We are LiquorisQuicker #YYGG2JGJ
We're a lvl 12 adult mostly American clan looking for active, adult players interested in joining a fun active clan. WE GET OUR CLAN GAMES DONE.
We're 100% fair play and we war to win. We war as often as we can usually searching around 8-9pm EST.

Line app is a must to join. It's free and it's where we post our war lists and other clan related info.
18 years or older as we're almost entirely an adult clan.
Th7 and up, but no rushed or engineered bases please.

We have a wide range of town hall levels with plenty of active experienced players willing to help any and all members who join.
So if you're interested in joining a fun, active, adult clan check us out and stop by.
Let us know in your request to join that you found us from the forums, it'll greatly enhance your chances of joining.