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Thread: TH12 War CC options

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    TH12 War CC options

    Ok, last war I tried using an Electro Drag and a Baby Drag in the CC (40 spaces).

    Found out the hard way that a poison spell slows the Electro down somewhere between turtle and sloth speed. It never even got off one shot before a level 50 AQ killed it. Biggest disappointment ever in a war CC...

    Any recommendations on War CCs with 40 spaces?

    3 Witch and a Wiz, Golem/Baby D, 5 Valks?

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    Drag valk witch
    Drag valk 3wiz
    Bdrag valk witch 2wiz 2arch

    That's what I'll be trying. Drag if cc can be lured because it's slow, bdrag if it's incurable.
    The valk and drag don't die to poison easily. They split the focus between air and ground while wiz hammer them.

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