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Thread: New Trap Idea - Hologram

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    New Trap Idea - Hologram

    The idea of this trap is that you can swap the looks of two buildings of the same size until they receive damage. This way, a player will see a building in one part of the base, try to go after it and when they attack it they find that it isn't what they thought it was. For example, this can be used to mask the Town Hall as a laboratory, Inferno towers as builder huts and X-bows as barracks etc.

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    not seeing this as an trap..seeing as a attacking strategy not defensive strategy....ur idea is awesome but what happen if in war one has an army with clear intention of clearing that townhall but realize later that its not th...taking freeze to dump on infernos but later realise that it is just builder huts..sry brother I think this will destroy everything

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