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Thread: New potions needed for the game(READ)

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    New potions needed for the game(READ)

    Welcome and continuing with the theme I would like to add an idea of ​​new potions that are very necessary for the game

    1: Heroic Potion:Tired of having your army ready but your heroes are sleeping because they attacked your village? the heroic potion is the solution, this potion restores the life to your hero so you do not have to wait for him to wake up and you can attack calmly, it would be better if 1 potion restore the life of the three heroes, if they are sleeping, but with the addition and awakening of a single hero is also welcome. (BEST ALL HEROS)

    2: Army Potion: This potion completes the training of your army instantly in case you want to attack but you have to leave and your army still needs 10 minutes

    3: Potion of Time: This potion makes again use your clock tower in the builder base, for if you have a booty but to your clock tower lacks two hours for reuse.

    4: Potion of troops (CC): The function of this potion is so you can ask troops in the Castle of clan without having to wait

    5: Potion Mercader: This potion causes the merchant to change his offer, you can change it for the offer you want without having to wait for him to change it daily

    6: Clan Games Potion: This potion means that you can cancel any challenge and start another one without having to wait for 5 hours or maybe, this one should think better and make it more useful, maybe to allow you to complete the challenge without having to do it.

    These potions for a good use by users would have to be their maximum capacity of 10, and add Mini-Events of two days or daily would suit all players.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope Supercell will review it and implement it to the game, as well as my idea of ​​being able to communicate with your Social friends. PLEASE SUPERCELL

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    all awesome!nice work

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    It seems all of these potions would eliminate the need to spend gems in the game.

    Do you think it would impact the revenue that SuperCell receives from players purchasing gems? If so, what impact do you think that it would have?

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