Hello, and I present you with a very necessary new idea, too necessary and very requested by the players of Clash of clans:

I have too many friends that I know in person who play CoC I have added to the social and I can not do anything, it is as if they were not alone I can see their attacks live, please Supercell we need new functions to the game to make it more social

-It would be amazing to be able to communicate with your friends through the Social tab, since it is not useful for anything more than just seeing your friends, it would be very nice.

-The best thing would be to be able to communicate through writing as if it were the clan, but in private, or just being able to touch a certain message (as in Clash Royale)

This will undoubtedly make the game more social, but also to add that great function we also need the possibility of blocking some user so that he can not communicate with us,I know that for some it will be unnecessary for many, but this function will help us, for example, ask a friend to invite us to his clan, donate a certain troop or simply communicate with that person without the need to be from the same clan or without the worry that other members spy on the conversation.

Please supercell this certainly will change the game and will much more social I hope you have on the table and discuss this idea, is a great function that needs to be implemented. thank you for reading and I hope supercell what discuss and no, review, not this discarded.