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Thread: Don't do derby, yet Leader still can't read....

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    Don't do derby, yet Leader still can't read....

    I'm a leader. I have had issues with members not completing tasks. Or taking tasks that by score should have been illuminated. Unfortunately! If you don't do the derby, including leaders, you can't see the scores, the tasks taken, etc. So you just have to take other members words on things. Although I try to be bias. What are you to do when you can't see the proof without another member senosing you a screen shot. And I dislike that. I want to see the proof thongs are happening. Can you fix it so leaders see all.
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    I second this. It is something that keeps cropping up and that lots of leaders would welcome.
    I would also like leaders to have the ability to clear the board of unwanted tasks, even if they are not in the derby.
    Let's face it, as leaders there are not a lot of extra privileges that come with the role. An ability to kick players, that's it!

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    i totally agree and i believe i have posted about this on here before.
    i think leaders and coleaders should be able to see the derby task log, and also help trash tasks, even when opted out of derby. this way we can still be aware of whats going on in derby.
    please supercell, you really need to implement this.
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    Yes! Asking for such to be visible in spectator mode has been asked for practically since the derbies began. Still needed, not just for leaders (which is of super special importance) but also for non-derby hoodmates so we can better help those playing by knowing what tasks they're on. Let non-leader spectators see just what tasks folks are working on and let leaders see the points of those tasks as well.
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