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Thread: New Derby Idea !

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    New Derby Idea !

    I am a leader whom doesn't always play the derby. I have run actoss an issue. I have had members complain about other members not taking proper assigned guide of tasks or complete them. If I'm not playing, I can not see who score is what. Or what tasks are being taken. I have had to kick a member out, with only word of others on what was going on in the derby. I didn't like this. Leader should be able to see everything ! Scores, tasks picked, etc

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    Hi fox god. I get what u r saying for sure. One suggestion, can u rely on your co leader to communicate these things to you? They can be your eyes and ears.

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    I started a thread about this 5 days ago..see thread about why spectator mode is limited to horse leaderboard.

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    I agree with you, I have thought about this myself. From time to time I have to opt out and as leader of the hood I would love to see how things are going. I opted out the last mystery derby as I don’t like it, I have 4 co leaders 3 of them opted out too as they are not a fan of the mystery task and the 4th coleader opted out as she was going on holiday so it was hard to see who was doing what. Yes I think leaders should be able to view it, good point.

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