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Thread: TH12 War roster question

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    TH12 War roster question

    We are planning to search later on but our th11s have either upgraded to th12 or they are too busy for this search (optedout).

    My question is: How risky is it to run a war with a single TH12 and rest TH10 and below with no TH11s (not even 10.5s)?

    Breakdown should be about 1/0/5/7/2. We aim to win but it isn't the end of the world if we lose. Is it worth testing/trying out? Thanks in advance
    Currently have two accounts, th10 with 40/40 heroes, max heroes and lab
    th9 with maxed lab and 30/30 heroes, max heroes and lab
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    I think the mostly likely downside is the system takes a very long time searching for an opponent it thinks is acceptable. But if so, you don't lose anything by at least trying the search

    PS - I suspect you'll get an OK match, but it might only be "OK". The odder your line-up the flakier matches are likely to be. But if you're not obsessed by winning every war, my guess is the match is likely to be good enough
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