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Thread: birds the word | #88GYPPRQ | War Clan | Seeking TH9+

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    Post birds the word | #88GYPPRQ | War Clan | Seeking TH9+

    birds the word #88GYPPRQ

    Thanks for taking an interest in joining our clan. Please read through all of the requirements and rules on this page.
    We are a close group that want to have fun and win wars. We are looking for adult players that are easy going and have a love for clash of clans.
    Be willing to watch YouTube videos and learn new 3-star attacks. We post videos with cool and interesting attacks in our Telegram chat all the time. We aren't the greatest war clan of all time. Our war log is open, so you can see our performance. As long as you are trying to improve, we won't kick you for a bad war attack. All we ask is that you try.
    We are only accepting TH9+ accounts right now. Do not even attempt to request unless you meet the requirements. You will be rejected.

    Minimum Requirements
    Town Hall 9 Requirements

    • Level 10 Barbarian King
    • Level 20 Archer Queen

    Town Hall 10 Requirements

    • Level 20 Barbarian King
    • Level 30 Archer Queen

    Town Hall 11 Requirements

    • Level 30 Barbarian King
    • Level 40 Archer Queen

    Town Hall 12 Requirements

    • Level 40 Barbarian King
    • Level 50 Archer Queen
    • Level 20 Grand Warden

    General Rules

    • This clan is for adults only. We don't have a specific age requirement. If we can tell you are a child base on your maturity, you will be kicked.
    • Everyone must speak english fluently. We have an english only chat. Everyone has to be able to understand each other.
    • Be respectful. We can joke around with each other, but don't be an jerk.
    • Ask questions. When your attacks fail and you don't know why, ask for pointers.
    • Donate. We don't have donation requirements, but don't be a leech.
    • Don't ask for a promotion. We promote players to elder if they are in war often, hit early, and have solid attacks.
    • Be active. If you are not in war, your heroes aren't upgrading, and you have not told us you'll be on vacation—you will get booted for inactivity.
    • Don't be annoying. This is important. If you are annoying, you will be kicked. This includes: asking for troops in the chat immediately after you have already posted a request; asking for promotions; acting like you know everything; being a jerk; etc.
    • Learn new attacks. The game is always changing. You have to stay up to date. YouTube is a great way to learn new attacks. If you need ideas, just ask us!

    War Rules

    • All heroes must be available—opt out if any are upgrading.
    • Hit your assigned group. A roster is posted on telegram with an assigned range to hit. If all the bases in that range have been 3-starred, you may hit up, scout, or clean low.
    • Bases are first come, first serve—claims are NOT guaranteed.
    • If you are NOT TH11, take your hits in the first 18 hours of war.
    • ALWAYS use both hits—even if it's impossible to win.
    • Ask for help when needed. If you are consistently doing the same bad attack over and over, you will be kicked.
    • Use 3-Star attacks only. Watch attacks on YouTube or ask for ideas. Don't use attacks you know will only get 2-stars. (e.g. GoWiPe)

    War Search Schedule

    • Saturday 2:00 PM CST / 19:00 UTC
    • Monday 2:00 PM CST / 19:00 UTC
    • Wednesday 2:00 PM CST / 19:00 UTC

    Passphrase: I'm in

    Telegram Groups

    YouTube Channel

    How to Join
    If you accept these rules, meet the requirements, and we are currently recruiting—request to join the clan with the passphrase "I'm in" in your request. We will not accept your request unless the passphase is in it.
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