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    I am a mid th10. No infernos. I always remain confused on wether I should do offense or defense .

    Whenever I see someone taking my dark it urges me to put infernos asap. Then I think of war and my clanmates. What to do? Their happiness or mine?
    I would love to put infernos and my base is also ready to take it. But my clanmates and friends are strongly denying.

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    Your happiness always

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    You are the one who will have to decide. It's your base, not that of your clan mates. Upgrade offense and defense... not just one of the two [and heroes and walls, obviously, as well]

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    Better You Drop Those Defences And Max Them out and Focus On Heroes Too🙄 Well You Can'T Progress In Game If u Wont Put Those Defences like (u can't Upgrade Th)Their Denial Will NOt Help You Though🤔

    Choice Is Yours Though👍
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    As always the choice is yours. But I have always advocated offense before defense as I can steal back more than anyone can ever steal from me. In fact I can't remember the last time I even looked at my defense log. I simply log on and start attacking with no regard to what was stolen from me.....

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    OP. I'm a relatively new TH10 as well. ONLY things I have upgraded is my Clan Castle, lab, and 2 out of 4 barracks for Miners. Everything else is TH9.

    I don't war very often but when we DO war, I like to participate. Because of that, I'm not dropping Infernos until my war offense is TH10 level. I can lose 3k DE in one raid, have my shield for 16 hours and make [insert arbitrary number greater than 3k here] during the "free" raids you get while under shield.

    As everyone said, it's your call but keep in mind that even if you drop Infernos, you're still going to lose your DE to TH11s.

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    that bit of dark they loot, you can get it back in no time. so don't worry about what they loot if you want to upgrade troops.

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    I have always maintained that you upgrade your defences in line with your ability to defeat a similar base in war. If you are having good success in war defeating bases with infernos then its time to drop yours. That gives a good balance for your clan and yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman53190 View Post
    Their happiness or mine?
    I too follow your footstep, with that altruistic personality. Xbows were my last upgrade as a th9, infernos were my last upgrade as a th10, and now as a th11 I still don't have EA. Though we maybe low in our TH level, we still had to hit the higher level. Low on the th9 it was up to me to take out mid-max th9. When I went to th10, as a new th10 it was up to me to try beat mid lv th10. As a new th11 with no EA, again it's up to me to beat bases with lv 2 EA...we do it for the clan!

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