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Thread: Fun, friends, hassle-free derbies. We help you grow!

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    Fun, friends, hassle-free derbies. We help you grow!

    AE5DD1C2-0AF3-47A1-9209-2F597EB6FA08.jpegMIDSOMER HAY DAY NEEDS FRIENDLY FARMERS! # 9CYVQC8V We're a fairly new neighborhood of experienced players. We'd love some new farmers who are team players. No derby fanatics, please, but if you like the derbies, friends, helping your neighbors and having fun, so do we! Farmers Level 80 and up are welcome; we'll help you grow your farm. A good attitude is a must. Play a little or play a lot. We don't have many rules, but one rule is that members must join our Facebook group page so that we can communicate easily. If this sounds like a fit for you, please join us at # 9CYVQC8V
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