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Thread: Me and my friend are looking for a clan

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    Check out Donate Dominate #2PJJQ8JQ. We are a L13, adult only clan currently cleaning house and looking for serious players. We are a group that despite life, makes sure to find the time to have a brain break and enjoy some clash. Being an adult clan, some adult language is present but we keep it clean and bring absolutely no hate. We have max troops, so donations are always good and we are pretty strict on respecting requests.

    We try to keep a little order, so we ask that people try to participate in wars occasionally, but definitely participate in clan games (as we always max) and domate.

    Feel free to message me with any questions but please keep in mind that we are in the process of rebuilding so the clan is still experiencing a few growing pains. So if you are still curious, give us a shot. We would be happy to have you.


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    Join here info is in signature u can visit our clan if u like u can stay
    We completed all clan game yet after clan started (we have pruff ss)
    And u can see our war log
    Recruitment Thread Link
    Click Here
    We Play War And Give Our Best In Clan Game And Complete With Max Tiers(Proof).
    Join As, Help As, Get Stronger Together, Have Fun.

    War Log 42::​03::08 Win Streaks 09

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