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Thread: War weight on this new update

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnyxDS View Post
    My question is - which set of defence is actually stronger? Ignore the gold weights - is there much practical difference between the 2 sides?
    Define practical difference. The defenses aren't a big deal when considering TH9 bases. But as a TH6 trying to 3* a maxed TH6 it's difficult - with them possibly having it substantially easier since I didn't have my defenses placed. An extra l3 wiz tower and mortar can make a pretty big difference. The fact that across my four TH6 accounts I was missing six of the highest war weighted defenses while they had theirs placed and mostly upgraded at least once or twice means they have a distinct advantage top to bottom. Bomb Tower is the heaviest building at TH8 (not that it means that much with drag loon). Further, the extra 600 HP per wall piece is huge when it comes to the time it will take to get Giants through the base.

    That said, I got all defenses placed and into my war bases, so it's pretty even match now as the following will show.

    As for gold weight, here's the lowdown. The interesting thing is their base 5 has all defenses, but has not placed them on his war base. This actually appears to affect the Gold level war weights. It also appears that me rushing to add the four new wizard towers and two new mortars got added into the Gold count. In other words, gold level must not be set until prep day ends.
    We are on the left, they are on the right.

    base TH gold weight base TH gold weight
    1 8 53000 1 8 52000
    2 6 29000 2 6 30000
    3 6 28000 3 6 29000
    4 6 28000 4 7 28000
    5 6 28000 5 6 23000

    So from the looks of this we have an advantage. My guess is their TH8 has crappy traps, low level teslas and such. Of course I don't know what this would show if I hadn't added those 6 defenses. I will report back on war results.

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    If engineered bases are a problem, all lvl.1 buildings won't fix it.

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