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Thread: Building/Townies searching option for Derby task?

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    Building/Townies searching option for Derby task?

    I have a wish/ idea about Personal train. Last week I took town tasks in Derby:
    16 Cinema & basket townies (5 mechanic + 5 teacher + 5 salesman <green suit man>) tasks.
    I jumping around 11 friend town every 3,5 hours to take a look, searching & pick up some matching townies that I need.

    This week I start Derby with 320 points 16 Bed & Breakfast. Unfortunately, second task: 16 Cinema ( I take that task because its the only one comes with 320 point) 😜

    I wish there is a search option above the friends list/a new tab for searching (additional, not as a default)
    The idea is:
    There are building symbols (diner, spa, cinema, bed & breakfast, beach cafe, groceries store) & townies character & 🔍
    - if player is taking 16 Diner Derby task, we touch Diner symbol and then 🔍,
    - the friend list contain only NH who have visitor ready to pick up with Diner request.

    Searching for specific character are the same. Player touch "Dancer" (purple dress girl) icon - 🔍 & then pick up the dancer one by one.

    so we can skip to visit friend's town who doesn't have visitor/building that we need to complete the Derby task.

    I wish the developer team can implement it someday just like the possibility to pick up townies from friend A-B-C - D- E without going home first ( A- town - B - town - C - town - A - town - D, finish)

    Thank you
    (Sorry for my poor english)

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    I think this is an excellent idea. Some way to determine what type of visitor, or what building the visitor is going to, without having to visit each town individually!

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    This will be very useful

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