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Thread: 🎥 Games We Love

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    🎥 Games We Love

    Ive been happily tripping down memory lane recently and thought Id share some old games Ive played and that have stayed with me. Some I came to late; others I played when they debuted (you could try to guess which is which but I wouldnt recommend it) The list is by no means the only games Ive enjoyed but these are ones I would recommend with minimal caveats.

    I hope you enjoy the share and share some of your own. There is little I like more than discovering some hidden gem.

    1. Syberia series - adventure - fantastic storyline, beautiful worlds!
    2. The Longest Journey - adventure (adult language warning!)
    3. Monkey Island series - adventure (and funny!)
    4. Grim Fandango - adventure (just so good!)
    5. Diner Dash - arcade - (yes. Unapologetically loved this game)
    6. Chicken Invaders - arcade (again. No apologies)
    7. Fairy Godmother Tycoon - arcade (see notes 5 and 6 above)
    8. The Fool - adventure
    9. Drawn series - adventure
    10. Mystery Case Files (1 and 2) - seek and find
    11. Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst - adventure (the peak of the series IMO. Many came afterward)

    1. Harvest Moon (SuperNES version) (Advancement in technology aside, I rank HD next to - and very slightly off to the left - of this game! Thats how playable and relaxing and fun this game is)

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    Chicken Invaders??? Lol!
    Aside from my usual tablet games like Hungry Shark, Spades, Gin, etc., I only played games like pong and pacman, so I'll mention my fav childhood toys instead:
    -Rock'em Sock'em Robots
    -Mystery Date
    (and way too many others!)

    Good to see you (and your humor) back on the forum
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    Dont you judge me and my Chicken foes, Tahoe. Ill have you know Ive saved the solar system more times than you can count...😜

    and youre sweet.😊 Ive had some real stress-reducing laughs on this of the most recent was someone commenting that they dont count cheese as food because its air and another countering with I love cheese but cheese dont love me because I can SO relate to both those positions! 😆 So Im happy if I bring a little lightness into your life.😉

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    Monopoly: The “National Parks” version is my current favorite. It has tents and ranger stations instead of houses and hotels, and the playing pieces are all fun—a bear and canoe, for example. When someone lands on my square, I love saying, “Welcome to Yellowstone, that will be $$$.”

    Mexican Train dominoes: I have a fancy set with a battery operated hub. If the winner of the round taps it, it makes a l-o-n-g series of train noises...very annoying to the losers.

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    Wow. This was a fun blast from the past. Aside from Poker, my all time favorite card game. I even taught my children to play poker before they were even in kindergarten. They were good at it and still play in adulthood.

    I would play the kids video games when they were in school,often beating their high scores. One son would take the controller with him to school so I wouldn’t play!.

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    Omega Race

    Parasol Stars

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    Oh! Board and card games. Yes.

    Monopoly! A perennial favourite. Never heard of that version. I would fight for the bear!

    And Besta - LOL re your son taking the controller to school.

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    PC: i havn't played any PC game yet.

    Nintendo I like the "pokemon series" and nothing else.

    Oh! The sun rays, i am a peasant.

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