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Thread: Farming strategy.

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    Farming strategy.

    As a new th11 it's difficult to find elixir. Also update made it more difficult than before. I want a good elixir farming strategy so that I can start upgrading my warden. Also which league should I farm because higher master 2 is also filled with th12.
    Thanks in advance😊😊

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    Mass Archer or Goblin, or a combination of these (maybe some Minions)

    Mash on exposed collectors with 15-50 troops profit/exit. rinse repeat . I found C3 to M2 was good when I was Gob Shanking my Warden early in TH11.

    otherwise switch it up to Loonion and req a Hound, or ZapDrag in the CC. u can hunt in ANY league with Loonion, and don't need a lot of Royalty back up.

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