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Thread: Grab a 🍵or a 🍹and come CHILAX with us

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    Grab a 🍵or a 🍹and come CHILAX with us

    We are a resently formed neighbourhood and already in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE with 4 gold and 1 bronze trophies.
    Our neighborhood name is CHILAX #P28UCOG2
    Blue checkered emblem with red horse

    We are looking for English speaking members only.

    Even though we"re competetive we are also relaxed, friendly, and helpful.

    All joining players will be made elders upon joining and acknowledging the rules. Which are as follows:

    .. 320/400 point tasks
    ..Opt out if you will be unable to fully participate in derby
    ..Bonus 10th task only required to maintain top 3 places.
    ...Read communication board and respond if required.
    ...English is a must since communication is required.
    ...Bird house is only for items needed for derby tasks.

    Hope you'll come drink 🍵🍹with us.

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    We are still looking for the few, good derby and team players.

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    Come check us out

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    Willing to merge into another hood as long as we keep co leader status

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