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Thread: Level 133 UK based player looking for derby nh

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    Level 133 UK based player looking for derby nh

    I'm a level 133 farmer based in the UK looking for an active English speaking only, champions league neighbourhood.

    I'm looking for a hood that:
    ^ Completes minimum 9*320 tasks with a required 10th if it results in a top 3 finish.
    ^ English speaking only
    ^ Friendly and Welcoming
    ^ No begging members, I'm more than happy to help out and assist but I don't want to see a chat full of players asking for items repeatedly
    ^ Achieves 3 lines in bingo derby
    ^ Minimum 12 members
    ^ The ability to opt out as I don't usually participate in event derbies other than bingo
    ^ Adults only

    What I'll offer you:
    ^ Very active daily player
    ^ Helpful and willing to assist other members in anyway possible
    ^ Regularly filled shop
    ^ Friendly and approachable player

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    Hi I send you a pm
    Hugs, Yvonne

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    Hi, I believe we fully meet your criteria. We have 20 farms with a very high CL gold trophy count. NH mostly divided U.K. and USA. We have no rules and farms can opt out when they want. All farms are elders.

    I will send you a PM with more details of our NH.
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    We are the HD Addicts Army. We currently have 121 gold cups and about to win our 122th. We are well represented across the globe. We do required that all that participate in derby must complete 10 max tasks 320/400. You do not have to opt in every week if you're busy with RL. We are friendly, polite, helpful and very self sufficient. If you're interested, we have a couple spots available. Send me pm with your tag and I will invite you.

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    Hi Gumbie!

    You sound like a great fit in our hood!

    Check out our hood Hoochie Honeys! We’re a fairly new hood but not new players.
    Champion League with 15 gold and counting.
    320/400 point tasks only and 10th task usually required.
    We race to the finish and strive for gold. Diamonds not required but sometimes necessary to get to 1st place.
    Most hoodies participate in bingo and we’ve won 2 and 3 lines.
    Chat on messenger (preferably) or kik.
    Hope to see you soon!

    Check out out our recruitment post
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    Super derby oriented hood. We’re sometimes quite chatty but mostly very laid back while everyone does their own thing. Someone is always around if something is needed but we do try to stay free of a bunch of beggars. Many of us will use nh donations just for crop swaps to earn the achievements and others use it for what they need. Your choice.

    Looking for friendly, helpful, & self sufficient players who love winning gold. Derby is a must but occasionally opting out is ok.
    We all complete ten tasks every week, whether needed or not, and make sure we play our minimum points for the week. The one thing that sets us apart is we race as a team, instead of against each other, so we only do two tasks a day. Having this two task rule has been a great concept and works extremely well for us. No one gets too far ahead or left behind and ensures everyone gets a fair chance at tasks.

    Check us out if you’d lie to join an awesome hood! We thrive on winning and moving back up to he best of the best! English speaking


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    Hello! WE just started a new team. We are hard core derby players. Come and join us and build a new team. #PPCYYRU2

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    Hi! I am Kerry,leader of the wonderful NEW ����UK neighborhood called UK Independent Farmers! If you are looking for a fun place to hang out while farming, come join me��

    If you are active, chatty and helpful, please consider joining my hood.

    I am dedicated to running a peaceful and fun neighborhood and committed to making sure all new or fellow members needs are met!

    My aim is to be in the Championship league,and to do that the minimum of 310 pts is needed.10th is always optional.

    I see myself as a team player with great communication!Im looking for like minded team players. Humor is welcome!

    Please be at least level 60
    Also be over 21 years old, thank you! ��

    Please message me to join as it’s an invite only hood.
    I have our very own message chat on Facebook so we can communicate how we plan the BINGO derby week ��

    Please be courteous upon joining by introducing yourself.
    I always look forward to meeting new members! ��
    After joining our messenger and reading the NH guidelines you will immediately be made an elder.

    See you soon ����

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