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Thread: TH10 Should i Upgrade to TH11??!!

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    TH10 Should i Upgrade to TH11??!!

    Hey everyone,
    Currently finishing up walls and heroes, but was wondering going into th11 what should be the first thing to build? eagle? xbow? or should i skip placing defenses entirely and just max out troops? your thoughts?
    th12 has made me itchy to upgrade BUT! i am in no rush and want to max.

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    Do you war or not? That is the biggest factor in deciding your upgrade path at TH11. I would upgrade soon, there is a lot to,do at TH11 and it's not even the top th anymore. Sitting doing walls is not worth it.
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    Archer queen to 41 and the obvious, lab barracks and storages. Get warden to 20 before u get hooked on him and dont want to put him down again.

    For defenses, what i did was drop all and when the new buldings got to max th10 i dropped eagle, except for air defenses, i did them first to th11 level.. I upped bombs and traps and teslas then i did point defenses

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